Studio Space

To the left is my recording haven! My studio is purpose-built for voice-over excellence. I utilize the world-renowned Neumann U87 Ai, the gold standard in studio microphones. With walls insulated by Rockwool and draped in porous fabric, complemented by 4″ Auralex acoustic foam and corner bass traps, the sound is impeccable. The demos on my page? All recorded right here! What you hear is exactly what youll get-top notch quality every time! 

Hi there! I’m Ali Gohar, a voice-over professional based in Edmonton with over 7 years of industry experience. From my home studio (as seen above), I have had the pleasure of working with renowned clients like Canadian Tire, Dunkin Donuts, Bacardi, and Spotify.                                                                                                                              Where I truly shine is my character work. I bring raw energy and a unique, sought-after voice to every project, whether its animation, video games, advertisements, or educational content.                           

I’m your go-to guy for getting things done fast and with quality. I’d love the chance to discuss your project further ! 

Thanks for checking out my page! If given the chance to work for you, I will make you my top priority. I have a quick turnaround and work efficiently to provide you with great voice overs. Feel free to fill out the contact form below or send me an email at [email protected] to discuss your creative needs.